Our primary focus is management of financial processes in construction projects but our professional interest extends throughout the property life cycle. From recommending strategies to determining budgets or approving payments we have proven techniques for ensuring accuracy, consistency and transparency.


Project Strategy

  • Monetary and non-monetary cost-benefit analysis
  • Feasibility studies, bulk and location estimates
  • Site selection studies, comparative estimating
  • End user / tenant acquisition support, fitout / base building cost calculations
  • Value engineering including time, cost, quality analysis



  • Procurement strategy – Analysis of ECI, D&B, Traditional, Management opportunities
  • Tender lists / pre-qualification questionnaires and evaluation
  • Tabulation and documentation of tag / qualification resolutions
  • Reporting on tender costs including risks and unit rate effects
  • Recommendations for selection of tender bids


Post Construction

  • Replacement cost / sum insured valuations
  • Depreciation schedules and asset registers
  • Lease reinstatement, end of lease cost negotiation
  • Operational budgeting and estimating
  • Long term maintenance fund estimates


Training and Education

  • Mentoring under NZIQS partnership scheme
  • Lecturing in Measurement and Estimating for Unitec degree programme
  • Commercial management training to construction firms
  • Assessors, chairs, mentors and supervisors for APC candidates
  • Contribution to industry forums


Life Cycle Costing

  • Analysis of whole life of options for sustainability and value engineering
  • Quantification of Capital, Maintenance, Cleaning, Energy, Replacement and other costs
  • Discounted cashflow analysis to establish net present value and break even points
  • Calculation of sinking fund contributions and Long Term Maintenance Funds
  • Sensitivity analysis for funding costs, cyclical durations


Cost Planning

  • Estimate development through concept, preliminary, developed, detailed design
  • Budget reconciliation and cost control advice
  • Elemental, trade, resource, functional estimate presentation
  • Cashflow forecasting, earned value analysis and comparison
  • Cost allocation and cost centre / budget format establishment


Contract Administration

  • Construction Contracts Act 2002 / CCA Amendment Act 2015 compliance
  • Payment schedules, progress valuations, interim assessments, final accounts
  • Variation price assessment and negotiation, entitlement and contract review
  • Time related cost calculation, delay and disruption assessment
  • Financial reporting budget vs. forecast, cost control recommendations


Expert Witnesses

  • Qualified, experienced, recognised experts
  • Track record in CCA adjudication, high court trials, arbitration, mediation
  • Advice on costs (quantum), industry economics and practices
  • Practitioner perspective on application of contract terms
  • Evidential quality, referencing published and unpublished knowledge base


Building Remediation and Leaky Buildings

  • Experience 250 projects costing over $1.2 Billion in the past decade
  • Large cost database drives faster recognition and solutions
  • Apportionment of costs for UTA s.74 schemes
  • Work with MBIE on Financial Assistance Package (FAP) projects
  • Certification of project establishment and funding drawdown for escrow


Risk Management

  • Monte Carlo simulation using Pallisade Decision Tools (@Risk)
  • NZS4360 risk management process, register establishment and input
  • Quantification of financial magnitude of risk events
  • Data analysis and benchmarking to establish reasonable contingencies
  • Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) cost quantification


Contract Documentation

  • Schedules (Bills) of Quantities to ANZSMM-2018 and NZS4202: 1995
  • Estimation of provisional quantities for contingent work / re-measurement
  • Selection of general and special conditions of contract
  • Collation of contract document set, recommendations on content
  • Issue of digital files to facilitate tender process and pricing


Engineer to the Contract

  • Industrial, residential, education, commercial, remediation, public facilities
  • Suite of communication templates developed over many years
  • Specific training in NZS3910 and acting as an engineer to the contract
  • Problem solving approach – mitigation, value engineering, rapid resolution
  • Acceleration / prolongation analysis, responsive approach to notices


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  • iTwo CostX certified partner – benchmark for BIM in quantity surveying
  • Production of basic models in-house for geometry and measurement
  • Familiarity with Revit, Archicad and other modelling formats
  • BIM used for estimates, schedules, measurement checks, contract admin
  • Standard operating procedures, coding and phraseologies


Sustainable Practices

  • Greenstar accredited professionals and practitioners
  • Advice on targeting free and cheap GreenStar points
  • Estimate / value engineer to lower sustainability costs
  • Comparative assessment of whole-life costs
  • Quantification of recycled / sustainable content


Bank / Funding Certification

  • Initial reporting and construction project reviews
  • Progress drawdown reporting
  • Cost to complete, progress against targets
  • Escrow establishment and drawdown reporting
  • Advice on market conditions and project risks